Event detail for UFC 147 @BlackthornSF

UFC 147 @BlackthornSF

Category: Sporting Event
When: June 23, 2012 7:00 pm
Where: 834 Irving Street
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Cost: $10
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Main Card
Catchweight (190 lb) Wanderlei Silva Rich Franklin

Middleweight Cezar Ferreira Sergio Moraes Note 1

Featherweight Godofredo Pepey Rony Mariano Bezerra Note 2

Heavyweight Fabricio Werdum Mike Russow

Featherweight Yuri Alcantara Hacran Dias Preliminary Card on FX

Featherweight Anistavio Medeiros Rodrigo Damm

Middleweight Delson Heleno Francisco Drinaldo

Featherweight John Teixeira Hugo Viana

Middleweight Thiago Perpétuo Leonardo Mafra Preliminary Cardon Facebook

Featherweight Marcos Vinicius Wagner Campos

Featherweight Felipe Arantes Milton Vieira
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