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Local Services / Sewing & Alterations

1603 Polk St.
(between Sacramento St & Clay St) San Francisco, CA | Bay Area , 94109

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San Francisco

March 10, 2012

The worst !! The first time I went there was to get some jeans hemmed. When I got them home I noticed that they were not even. I thought, oh well their just Jeans, no one will notice.
I gave this place another try. This time I dropped off a pair of pants to be hemmed and two shirts that needed the sleeves shortened. I dropped them off on a Mobday and said I would be back to pick them up Wednesday( she doesn't give receipts either). I went back Wednesday at 4:00 pm and it was closed. The store hours on the door is 11-6 pm. I kept going back every day and I still haven't gotten my clothes back. There is a number on the door so I called several times but you can't leave a message. I spoke to local business workers and I'm told she has been there for a long time but has " disappeared" periodically! I'm still waiting to get my clothes. Next step- call the police . STAY AWAY from this place !!
The only reason it has "star" ratings is because it's the only way this site will allow me to submit this.

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